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Home Pole Studios is the pioneer in removable professional-grade pole dance floors for home studios, and customizable home studio storage solutions for pole dancers. 

The company was established in 2015 and is woman-owned and operated.  We are passionate about finding creative solutions and optimizing your space, and we are continuing to design and test more unique, customizable products and features to our suite of offerings.

Our goal is to meet the unique home studio needs of pole dancers through our innovative, customizable products.  Each product is created by a team including designers, tradespeople and manufacturers, and led by a pole dancer.  All products are built in the U.S.A.
Our mission is to promote the art and sport of pole dancing, promote women’s creative and financial empowerment, and celebrate diversity through inclusiveness.  We aim to do this by providing the best-designed and highest-quality home studio solutions for pole dancers/artists/athletes; thereby enabling them to succeed, accomplish, create, and inspire.


Farley Lynn, CEO/HBIC
Poler since 2013; lifelong businesswoman and creative artist.  Responsible for ideas, visions, design, testing, & anticipating the unique needs of pole dancers.

Joshua Aviles, COO
Making the impossible possible, every day.  Responsible for operations, research, and reality checks.

** Our flooring does not guarantee injury-free activity in any way, nor does it remove the need for proper stretching, spotting, or usage of a crash mat.  Home Pole Studios LLC shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind under sale agreement or otherwise, whether or not caused by its negligence, and assumes no risk whatsoever as to the result of the use of Product either singly or in combination with other material.




Your professional-grade, removable studio flooring solution made for pole dance

What it is

The Home Studio Surface (the 'floating' pole dance floor) is the leading professional-grade, removable studio flooring solution for pole dancers whose practice space does not have the ideal wooden surface.  'Floating' simply means that the Home Studio Surface sits upon your existing flooring instead of being permanently attached to it with hardware or adhesives -- meaning it can be efficiently removed, stored, and re-assembled.  These benefits, combined with the proprietary technology used to create our ultra-lightweight ultra-durable panels, make the Home Studio Surface the highest-quality removable flooring solution for pole dancing at home.

Who can use it

The Home Studio Surface is designed for anyone who poles, and can also be used for yoga, stretching, acro and more.  Whether you are a pole or aerial instructor, attend studio classes in person, or subscribe to online lessons and practice at home, you need somewhere to practice or host lessons.  Installation and assembly are straightforward, and can be completed by two adults with a few basic tools (see our YouTube channel for install videos and more).

Design and Use

The Home Studio Surface can be ordered in custom sizes -- contact us for a quote.  Our standard and most popular size is made up of two 4'x8' panels that join and lock together, creating an 8' x 8' dance floor measuring a slim 2" thick, providing you with 10'+ diagonals for floorwork and more.  Each panel is framed with solid wood, filled with an extremely lightweight shock-absorbing core material and blocking, then finished with a durable wood-laminate top for an incredible studio experience every time you dance, whether barefoot or in heels.  This design helps keep the Home Studio Surface flush and level under the tension of the pole, even on carpeted surfaces.  This is an important distinction from all-wood "sprung" floating floors, which are designed to bend/give under a dancer's weight making them ideal for ballet, tap, etc., but should not be used in conjunction with a pole due to the tension required to safely install the pole. 

The pole can be placed anywhere on the surface (but, please read our recommendations on placement for ideal usage).

    •    Created using a strong, durable, lightweight core and professional-grade shock absorbing material
    •    Finished with beautiful, high-quality wood laminate for a true studio experience at home, barefoot or in heels
    •    Designed to absorb shock and increase comfort **
    •    Designed for use under both removable tension-mounted and permanent mounted poles
    •    Easy to install and remove
    •    Designed and tested by professional pole dancers; built by professional woodworkers and carpenters
    •    Made in the U.S.A.


We offer a medium-dark finish (cherry/rosewood) and a light finish (oak/maple) as well as a robust selection of custom laminates (additional charges may apply).  Contact us for a complete list of those options!