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Seeking creative ways to build your membership and keep clients coming back?

Like to stand out from your competition?

Want to be on the leading edge of pole industry products?

Enjoy revenue-sharing and bonuses?

Become a Affiliate! is the pioneer in floating dance floors for home pole spaces, and the pioneer in customizable storage solutions for pole dancers.

About the Affiliate Program

Help your members make the most of their investment with you, by making it even easier for them to upgrade their home practice space.

Your status as a Affiliate will ensure that your studio members (not to mention local membership prospects!) will have exclusive access to introductory pricing AND affordable group-shipping rates during our Home Studio Surface Model 3.0 Release Sale this summer.  That means YOUR studio will be THE place to go for upgrading home dance spaces.

As an Affiliate, you’ll receive a batch of orders that your members/prospects can pick up at your studio (or other location).  You’ll receive cash bonuses for each item in the batch, as well as bonuses for referring business!

Click the “Apply for Affiliate Status Today” button to indicate your interest, and will be in contact with you directly to discuss and answer any questions you have.

Program Benefits for Your Studio

We will only be selecting 1-2 locations for each major distribution city.  Affiliate benefits include:

  • Bonus of $20 per panel for all orders that ship to your location (floors are made of 2, 3, or 4 panels, meaning bonuses will be $40, $60, or $80 for each order)
  • Bonus of $50/75/100 for any customer you refer, to any location (amount based on size of flooring ordered; not applicable to orders placed by studio owners/staff/instructors)
  • Wholesale pricing not available to the general public, offered to you and your staff on all products
  • Marketing materials will be provided!  We’ll send you a badge/icon for your website, along with links and write-ups / blurbs that you can use on your website, in e-newsletters, and on-site signage as you please.
  • Order tracking support and logistical support (regarding delivery/etc) from

    • You add your affiliate badge & link to your website & email announcements.  3 members purchase an 8×8 Home Studio Surface and 2 members purchase an 8×12 Home Studio Surface… $50 referral bonus x 3 (=$150), plus $75 referral bonus x 2 (=$150), plus $20 per-panel bonus x 12 (=$240)
    • Two instructors purchase the 8×16 Ultimate Competition Setup (partnership with X-Pole, details coming soon!) at exclusive wholesale prices… $20 per-panel bonus x 8 = $160

Exclusive Savings for Your Members

The Home Studio Surface Model 3.0 is our best-designed, highest-quality surface yet.  We will be releasing this model at an introductory sale price for a limited time between May and June of 2018.  Home Studio Surfaces will only be available through Affiliate sales during this time!

In addition to this one-time-only deal on our beautiful floating floors, we are offering group shipping which is much more affordable than single-order shipping.  With group shipping, a batch of 20+ panels is sent to a single pickup destination (e.g., your studio) where clients can pick up their items and enjoy big savings on shipping. (Custom individual delivery for a Home Studio Surface currently runs between $325 and $475, depending on the size of the surface and delivery location.)  Big savings mean that your members have more to spend at YOUR studio, in addition to an upgraded home practice space where they can make the most of your instruction.