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Floating Floorfloating floors
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The Home Studio Surface, made and sold exclusively by HomePoleStudios.com,
is the world’s best floating removable pole dance floor


The Home Studio Surface model 3.0 features : 

  • Sizes 8’x8’, 8’x12’, 8’x16’ for small to large spaces, in 4 standard finish options.
  • Our thinnest, lightest surface yet — measures less than 1” thick, and each 4’x8’ panel weighs approx. 54 lbs.
  • Can be used on top of carpet, tile, concrete and more.  Suitable for all climate-controlled rooms of the house, condo, or apartment.  Can be modified by user for greater shock absorption.
  • Can be disassembled and stored.
  • Scratch-resistant laminate top and lightweight shock-absorbing core create an ideal surface for pole dance.
  • Rounded corners for greater comfort and ease during use.
  • Simple assembly featuring upgraded joining and locking mechanisms.
  • Can be wrapped with lighting for a performance-venue look.
  • Beautiful laminate finish is ideal for photos and videos.
  • Home Pole Studios Dance Floor Joints
  • Pole Dance Floor Home Studio Surface
  • Floating Dance Floors with Rounded Corners


Your professional-grade, removable studio flooring solution made for pole dance

What it is

The Home Studio Surface (the ‘floating’ pole dance floor) is the leading professional-grade, removable flooring solution for pole dancers.  ‘Floating’ means that the Home Studio Surface sits upon the existing flooring and is not permanently attached to anything with hardware or adhesives. It can be efficiently removed, stored, and re-assembled.  Home Pole Studios’ ultra-lightweight, scratch-resistant panels make the Home Studio Surface the highest-quality removable flooring solution for pole dancing at home.

Professional Quality Floating Floors for Pole Dancers

Who can use it

The Home Studio Surface is designed for anyone who pole dances.  It can also be used for yoga, stretching, acro and more.  Whether you are a pole or aerial instructor, attend studio classes in person, or subscribe to online lessons and practice at home, you need somewhere to practice or host lessons.  Installation and assembly are straightforward and can be completed by one or two adults in just a few minutes (see our YouTube channel for assembly videos and more).

  • Home Pole Studios Flooring for the Amateur Dancer
  • Home Pole Studios Flooring for the Professional Dancer

Design and Use

Our most popular size is made up of two 4’x8′ panels that join and lock together, creating an 8′ x 8′ dance floor measuring less than 1“ thick, providing you with 10’+ diagonals for floorwork and more.  Each panel is framed with solid wood, filled with an extremely lightweight shock-absorbing core material, then finished with a scratch-resistant laminate top for an incredible studio experience every time you dance, whether barefoot or in heels.  This design helps keep the Home Studio Surface flush and level under the tension of the pole, even on carpeted surfaces.  This is an important distinction from all-wood “sprung” floating floors, which are designed to bend/give under a dancer’s weight, making them ideal for ballet, tap, etc.  However, these types of sprung floors are not ideal for use under a removable pole, due to the tension required to safely install a removable pole, which can cause gaps, lips, and other discrepancies between flooring segments.  The Home Studio Surface is specifically designed to give you a smooth, continuous dance space.

Your pole can be placed anywhere on your Home Studio Surface, but you may wish to read our recommendations on placement for ideal usage.

Greta Pontarelli Pole Dance Floor


  • Created using a strong, durable, lightweight core and professional-grade shock absorbing material
  • Finished with beautiful, scratch-resistant laminate for a true studio experience at home, barefoot or in heels
  • Designed for use under any removable, tension-mounted pole
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Designed and tested by professional pole dancers
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Pole dance floor for the home


We offer four beautiful standard finishes.

Home Pole Studios Customizable Dance Floor With Black Finish
Home Pole Studios Customizable Dance Floor in Black
Home Pole Studios Dance Floor with Pink Finish
Home Pole Studios Customizable Magenta Dance Floor
Home Pole Studios Dance Floor in Cherry
Home Pole Studios Customizable Dance Floor with Cherry Finish
Classic White
Home Pole Studios Customizable Dance Floor in White

Surfaces with custom finishes can be produced for an additional fee (TBD based on material costs).  Contact us to learn more about custom finishes.


What does it come with? 2020-05-18T14:43:28-04:00

Our Home Studio Packages include:
-Your choice of surface size
-Unlimited Access to this year’s Virtual Courses ($1700 value)
-32 feet of matching self-stick edge guards ($75 value)
-Freight shipping costs ($350-500+ value)
-1 Full Hour Private Coaching ($60 value)
-50% off all other private coaching with Farley, all year long ($30/hour unlimited)

Our Buy-by-Panel option includes only the panels. You will be responsible for:
-Freight shipping costs
-Edge guard protection

We do not design, manufacture or sell poles, but we have friends who do!  There are a number of reputable companies that make professional poles for home and studio use. We highly recommend X-Pole, the world leader in pole and aerial fitness.

Can I use my Home Studio Surface on top of carpet? How about tile or concrete? 2020-05-18T14:35:30-04:00

The Home Studio Surface is designed to be used on any type of existing flooring: carpet, tile, concrete, or wood. For ideal performance, the floor you’re placing it on should be flat within 1/8″ across the space.

Carpeted spaces with high-pile or unevenly-treaded carpeting, and subfloors that are not flat within the above specifications, will likely see additional give in the seam and/or lift at the corners. Our customers report that these results are either minor, or do not affect their enjoyment of using their surface.  Many of our clients who use their Surface on concrete and tile have placed a layer in between the existing flooring and their surface, either for additional shock absorption while dancing, or for protecting the existing floor/Surface. Materials with no-slip qualities are recommended.

Is the Surface portable? 2018-03-06T13:43:24-04:00

The Home Studio Surface can be taken apart and stored, or moved to a new space, just like any piece of quality furniture that you have invested in for your home, lifestyle or business. Two adults can easily install, remove, and re-assemble the suraface. The Home Studio Surface is designed to give you a professional studio experience in your home dance space without renovations — an investment you’d most likely lose when you move. If you are in need of an all-in-one stage setup that you can bring along to performance gigs etc. (e.g. fits inside most cars), we recommend the X-Stage.

How is it installed or assembled? 2019-04-17T23:09:01-04:00

Installation is quite easy. You will need a 7/32″ hex key, which will be included in your shipment.  When you receive your shipment, have another person assist you with transferring your flooring sections into your home or studio space.  Assembly can usually be done by one person, but is often easier with two.  Each 4×8 piece weighs approximately 54 lbs. You’ll want to check out our YouTube channel for the install demo video & more.  *   **

Where can I put the base of the pole? 2018-03-06T13:43:11-04:00

8′ x 8′ Surfaces: For best results, place the pole 8 – 12 inches away from the center seam. This will give you at least one, if not two, clear diagonals (over 10 feet long!) that you can use for splits, rolls, and other floorwork. Place the edge of the pole base no fewer than 24 inches from the outside edges of your surface. This is so that you have room to walk and dance around the pole. 
8′ x 12′ and larger Surfaces: For best results, ensure that the edge of the pole base is no fewer than 24 inches from the outside edges of your surface. This is so that you have room to walk and dance around the pole.

Can I use the Surface with any type of pole? 2018-01-31T04:54:40-04:00

The Home Studio Surface is built to accommodate adjustable-height tension-mounted poles of every size and brand. The Home Studio Surface works very well with all bottom-loading adjustable poles, including both removable and permanently-mounted designs. The Home Studio Surface’s current design does not accommodate poles that require screws, adhesives or other external fasteners that fix the base of the pole to the floor beneath. Do not drill, bolt, or screw into your Home Studio Surface as this may compromise the structural integrity of the item and will void the warranty.

How do I care for my Surface? 2019-04-11T14:34:04-04:00

Your surface is already sealed and finished, and does not need urethane or wax treatments.  Care for and clean as you would other laminate flooring:

  • Sweep regularly
  • Always use pole shoes or footwear with a rubber sole
  • Remove any dark scuffs with a soft dry cloth or tennis ball
  • Avoid spilling liquids on the surface and dry immediately if any occur
  • Spot-clean small areas where sweat or grip products may be left behind, by using a soft cloth with a cleaning product approved for laminate surfaces (check the label)
  • WD-40 can be used inside locking mechanisms as needed
  • To clean the entire surface, do not “wet mop” but instead damp-clean with a pre-moistened pad, wringing out excess fluid first
  • Small chips can be repaired, and center seam(s) can be smoothed, with your favorite dance floor tape
  • Do not drill or nail into your surface, as this is likely to damage the laminate surface, and may also damage the core material or compromise the structural integrity of the product
  • Matte finish spray, available online or at your favorite hardware store, can be used to reduce glare or tackiness of laminate surface
  • Bear in mind, this product was designed by pole dancers, so it has been created to withstand the force of some shoe impact.  To minimize the wear and tear upon your surface, be mindful of excessive force.  Finally, be aware that misuse or excessive use is likely to cause abnormal wear and tear, and could even cause irreparable damage.  (Dance safely, folks.**)
How much does a Home Studio Surface cost? 2019-04-11T14:19:37-04:00

8’ x 8’ (two panels) $1595 + group freight or individual freight
8’ x 12’ (three panels) $2390 + group freight or individual freight
8’ x 16’ (four panels) $3190 + group freight or individual freight
Other (Specify in comments section. Please note, custom quotes take up to 4 weeks)

How do I order mine? 2018-03-06T13:42:43-04:00

The Home Studio Surface Model 3.0 will be available to order beginning in May-June 2018!  Click below to customize yours today and get notified when orders open.

Once I order, how long does it take before I receive my Home Studio Surface? 2018-01-31T04:31:32-04:00

Once an ordering period ends, fulfillment will take 8-10 weeks for production.  Because our unique high-quality products are made to order, each item is treated with the utmost care.  We do not offer rush ordering because we believe that quality is the most important factor when investing in your home studio.

How is it delivered? How much does shipping cost? 2019-04-01T16:19:36-04:00

Custom Orders

If you cannot pick up your surface in Denver, CO, we can arrange for individual packing and shipping.  For individual orders within the continental United States, shipping will generally cost $450-$590 depending on what size Surface you order and where it is being delivered.  The freight service will contact you to set up an appointment, and you’ll need to be present at the time of delivery.  The freight service provides outdoor delivery and some assistance off-loading from the truck, so be sure to have another person there to help you bring your panels into your indoor space.  Open boxes carefully so as not to damage the contents.


ASSEMBLY:  Put together your Home Studio Surface 

THE POLE: Re-install your pole 

XPOLES, all models: 

You’ll need to adjust your XPole height by winding it back down about two inches before re-installing it.  If your pole is adjusted such that you cannot twist it down two inches, you may need to remove an extension.  In that case, take out your smallest extension, and then use the adjusting mechanism to increase height until the pole fits again.

From there, follow installation instructions starting with the segment from 2:23-3:23, and from 13:00-end in the XPole Install video (2014 and newer models).

See segment from 2:35-2:55 and also 5:55-end in the XPole Install video (2013 and prior models).

LILMYNX, all models: 

Contact manufacturer and/or consult warranty (if applicable) on your pole purchase.  Most LILMYNX pole heights are not adjustable, which should be taken into consideration before changing the height of your dance space.  Home Studio Surfaces, as noted on our About page, are compatible with adjustable-height poles.  If you are planning to make the Home Studio Surface a permanent or semi-permanent part of your home studio along with a fixed-height pole, we recommend you install your Surface first and then measure the height for your pole.

Platinum Stages, removable multi-piece:

You may need to ensure your pole is on the shortest setting before re-installing and/or removing extensions.  See 0:38-end in the Multi-Piece promo video and consult manufacturer or warranty (if applicable) on your pole purchase.

* Our goal is to provide you with quality products, up-to-date and honest information, and competitive pricing.  The information on this page may change without notice as we refine and improve our products and processes — please re-read before placing your order to make sure you have the most current information.
** Our flooring does not guarantee injury-free activity in any way, nor does it remove the need for proper stretching, spotting, or usage of a crash mat.  Home Pole Studios LLC shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind under sale agreement or otherwise, whether or not caused by its negligence, and assumes no risk whatsoever as to the result of the use of Product either singly or in combination with other material.