XPOLES, all models:

You'll need to adjust your XPole height by winding it back down to its shortest setting before re-installing it, and/or removing an extension and then re-installing it.  Take out your smallest extension if your measurements indicate that you need to remove one, and then ensure that the adjusting mechanism has wound the pole back down to its lowest/shortest setting.  (By "lowest setting" we mean the height it was after you assembled the pieces and before you loaded it into the top mount and began tightening/adjusting upward.) 

From there, follow installation instructions starting with the segment from 2:23-3:23, and from 13:00-end in the XPole Install video (2014 and newer models). 

See segment from 2:35-2:55 and also 5:55-end in the XPole Install video (2013 and prior models). 

LILMYNX, all models:

Contact manufacturer and/or consult warranty (if applicable) on your pole purchase.  Most LILMYNX pole heights are not adjustable, which should be taken into consideration before changing the height of your dance space.  Home Studio Surfaces, as noted on our About page, are compatible with adjustable-height poles.  If you are planning to make the Home Studio Surface a permanent or semi-permanent part of your home studio along with a fixed-height pole, we recommend you install your Surface first and then measure the height for your pole.

Platinum Stages, removable multi-piece: 

You may need to ensure your pole is on the shortest setting before re-installing and/or removing extensions.  See 0:38-end in the Multi-Piece promo video and consult manufacturer or warranty (if applicable) on your pole purchase.

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