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Sponsored Athletes

Greta Pontarelli

Greta Pontarelli is a true artist who lives her life in pursuit of creation, connection, inspiration, fitness, and positivity.  Her talent and drive have allowed her to travel the world performing, teaching, and learning.  Among the highlights of her impressive career to date (with no signs of slowing):  performing with Chuck Norris’ stunt team, winning five world pole dance championships, appearing in a Miley Cyrus video, and competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Read more about Greta in her own words:

As a 67 year old pole artist I am faced with numerous challenges, but those challenges have become my thrusting block for inner growth and to serve others.

In 2012, the first time I was invited to compete in America Ninja Warrior, I was shocked to learn I was the oldest person to ever attempt the course. I thought “where is everyone else?” That moment I had an epiphany where I realized the importance of using my art form to empower others to believe in themselves and to become the best that they can become. I began creating choreography based on the empowering archetype of transformation and competing to give visibility to my message.

Winning a 6th World Championship is not on my bucket list, but striving to make a difference in the lives of others is. Pole Fitness has become my platform to help manifest my mission to in some way inspire others to not let age or any limitation stand in the way of passionately pursuing their dreams.


Megan “Bunni” Thompson began her dance training at the age of eight.  She continued her study in dance and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Dance and Choreography. She has worked with many world renowned choreographers such as Robert Battle, Jawole Zollar, and Tania Isaac. When she lost her mother to cancer it was dance that got her through it. Being able to express herself through movement, dance became a visual journal that allowed her to cope with life’s challenges.

Bunni discovered a new discipline — pole dance — when she began training for pole competitions with Vertical Joe’s Pole Fitness Studio 2013.  She was honored to be a finalist in The Pole Classic 2013 shortly after. She currently holds the title for Southern Pole Championships 2014 Senior Dramatic Level 4, NAPDC 2014 National Essential Division, NAPDC 2014 Sexy Chair Dance, and Miss Texas Pole Star 2014 Pro Division.

Bunni has since showcased  and taught workshops at the Michelle Mynx Extravaganza, Live Dancing Girls, NAPDC, International PoleCon.  Bunni is currently a Brand Ambassador for the fabulous Artista Apparel and is excited to be a Sponsored Athlete for Home Pole Studios as well.

Brand Ambassadors

Andrea Marie

Andrea Marie was rooted as a child in the Miami City Ballet within the culturally rich tri-county area of South Florida. She was always musically inclined, starting with a classical taste in piano and violin. As her sense for different types of music and culture expanded, so did her cravings for dance. She studied jazz, belly dance, and lyrical, before moving to Orlando.

After graduating Pre-med from the University of Central Florida in 2011, she began instructing a variety of different classes from pussycat dolls cardio, twerk, and yoga at Allure Dance Orlando. It wasn’t until 2015 that she grounded herself in pole dance as the studio’s lead instructor for fluidity. Classes such as latin pole gave her students a taste of her diverse background and skills as a ballroom dance instructor for Arthur Murray.

Andrea still instructs for Allure and has had a few performances under her belt; predominantly theatrically, fluidity, and musically driven. She is known for delivering the unexpected, such as her fast swing pole dance performance in 2016 and saucy pole doubles performances with her dance partner, together, known in Orlando as “The Oh Yeahs!” Currently, she is a health and wellness freelance writer and women’s development coach; mind, body, and soul. She has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (psychology, molecular biology and microbiology), with years of experience as a certified personal trainer.

She recently earned her certification as a Liquid Motion instructor and is excited to be a part of the first generation of Home Pole Studios ambassadors!


Brittnai  is originally from Seattle, WA and began her pole journey over 5 years ago. She is proficient in both power pole and basework. She has led online pole tutorials for and primarily trains and teaches out of her home studio. Her favorite moves are anything dynamic and surprising — bring on the drops, tumbles, and sassy heel clacks! Brittnai is proud to be a Pole Art USA world finalist, USPDF Pro Card holder, and two-time Dance Filthy USA finalist. Her accomplishments to date include:

**Pole Art USA 3rd Place – Worlds 2018 Qualifier

**USPDF Pro 2016 & 2017

**Capital of Texas Aerial Championship 1st Place Doubles & Professional 2016

**Dance Filthy USA Pro 2x Finalist

**Pole Competition Denmark Classique Finalist

**Beastly Built Brand Ambassador

**Home Pole Studios Brand Ambassador

Jena Clough

Jena Clough is a plant-based pole dancing mama with a passion for pole dance and movement. Her drive to make her dreams come true has led her on an 8-year pole dance journey that has taught her self love and self expression through dance.

Her pole competition adventures started 1 year ago with the Inaugural Dance Filthy USA in 2016; and in 2017 she returned to the competition and took home 2nd place in the Dance Filthy Amateur Division! Jena has performed in local shows, well-known showcases like Bad 2 the Chrome (2017), and has been accepted into national competitions like USPDF.  She is competing in Boston’s Northeast Pole Championships Exotic Division THIS WEEKEND (Nov. 18-19) and will be performing in the Up-and-Coming Stars Showcase at Pole Con 2018!

Jena owns DreamFyre Pole Fitness in Massachusetts and instructs at her two locations.  As a primarily self-taught pole dancer, she is an advocate for self love and finding happiness within.  Jena is known for her very technical style of teaching tricks, but her true passion is in the dance and exotic style.  She is also a Brand Ambassador for multiple companies including Home Pole Studios, SneakyDeez, and PediPleasers.

As much as Jena loves performing, her heart is in teaching pole dancing and spreading knowledge of the sport and art form. Dreams of traveling the world teaching pole dance with her family keep her driven and focused on her goals.


Krysta a.k.a. Karmen is a wife, mother of two boys and helps manage her husband’s AC company. She began her pole journey 8 years ago after attending a pole party. She was immediately hooked and practiced as a student for a few years before becoming an instructor. She has been teaching for about 4 years and loves it! She found that she has a passion for helping women realize their strengths, feel confident in their own skin and abilities and accept the notion that it’s ok to be sexy and strong. Recently, Krystal’s teaching path has taken a slight turn as she is on a new endeavor of starting her own pole and aerial dance studio, Enchantress Dance and Fitness. The name embodies the feeling she wants women to have when they attend her classes.

Krystal has also occasionally competed and performed. She placed 3 times in PSO competitions and plans to continue competing in the future…she loves being on stage! She is currently a PSO Ambassador and helping other women on their competition journeys. Her most recent performance was as a fill-in performer at Mr. Pole Dance America.

Krystal’s pole style tended to lean more towards power pole and tricks until she started exploring different styles which recently led her to become a licensed Liquid Motion instructor. She is extremely excited to share this movement with others.

Krystal’s pole journey isn’t always easy as she suffers from a severe vertigo disorder called Meniers’ which causes vertigo attacks and balance issues at times, but she never lets this stop her. She sees it as a challenge and uses it to push harder. She feels like pole has helped her manage it and has somewhat healed her mentally and physically. She is excited to see where  her pole journey will take her and hopes to continue following her dreams!


Farley Lynn, CEO/HBIC

Responsible for ideas, visions, design, testing, & finding ways to meet the unique home studio needs of pole dancers.

Farley is a lifelong dancer, writer, activist, entrepreneur and animal-lover who found her way to pole dance in 2013 because she wanted to make some friends. After several months of attending classes at Allure Dance Orlando, it was clear that making friends was just the beginning of a beautiful and intriguing journey. Learning to dance, and building confidence and strength through movement, has had a transformative impact on her physically, emotionally and mentally.  Four years later, it’s hard to imagine a life without this beautiful art/sport.

Farley founded in 2015 on a wing and a prayer, and running the business has since become her favorite career to date. She loves to help fellow dancers realize their dreams and goals by designing and creating products that will enhance home pole spaces, however grandiose or humble those spaces may be. She loves making her own schedule, traveling, building stuff, and trading lessons with awesome dancers she encounters all over the world.

Farley’s professional & educational background includes a potpourri of interesting jobs and pursuits, including but not limited to: one completed (unpublished) novel and one in process, a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), two years of teaching middle school, three years in non-profit and community organizing, four years in political operations and fundraising, three years in commercial real estate, two rescue cats, playing racquetball with her dad, and eating as much vegan food as her tummy will hold.

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