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How much does shipping usually cost?

As you know, shipping costs will depend on where you're located.  Freight shipping for an individual order (4'x8' crate containing two 4'x8' panels) within the continental United States will generally cost between $225 and $375.  Get your free quote today by clicking here.

That seems expensive -- is freight shipping really necessary?  If I have a truck, can I pick the item up myself?

In short, yes, freight shipping is the only way to go due to the size of the flooring panels.  We've spent a considerable amount of time and resources finding the most cost-effective design possible, without compromising the quality of the Surface once it is assembled in your dance space.  Our top priority is to ensure that you get a true studio experience with the Home Studio Surface.

We do not typically stock inventory, therefore your item will need to be freight-shipped to you from our production facility.  We can accommodate group orders, however, which can save you significant money on shipping by crating and shipping two or more surfaces to a single address.  Contact us for details about group orders!

Do you offer payment plans or layaway? 

We offer 3 payment plan options. 
Visit our online store to make your first deposit.  Your options are:

Standard plan:  $695 due up front, $650+shipping due upon shipment going out

Three-installment plan: 
$470 due up front
(1) payment of $470 due 4 weeks following
(1) payment of $470+shipping due upon shipment going out

Four-installment plan: 
$360 due up front
(2) payments of $360 due 3 weeks and 6 weeks following
(1) payment of $360+shipping due upon shipment going out

How do I order?

Contact us to place an order before 12/30/17.  We are preparing to release an upgraded design-model and a new ordering/shipping system in 2018.

Once I order, how long does it take before I receive my Home Studio Surface?

Because our products are created with proprietary technology and fabricated by hand using high-quality wood sourced within the USA, each order is treated with the utmost care.  We do not offer rush ordering because we believe that quality is the most important factor in your investment in your studio. 

We send orders for fulfillment four times per year -- March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 30.  From those dates, orders will take 6 to 8 weeks for production and delivery.

* Our goal is to provide you with quality products, up-to-date and honest information, and competitive pricing.  The information on this page may change without notice as we refine and improve our products and processes -- please re-read before placing your order to make sure you have the most current information.
** Our flooring does not guarantee injury-free activity in any way, nor does it remove the need for proper stretching, spotting, or usage of a crash mat.  Home Pole Studios LLC shall not be liable for special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind under sale agreement or otherwise, whether or not caused by its negligence, and assumes no risk whatsoever as to the result of the use of Product either singly or in combination with other material.


**The information below is valid until December 30th, 2017**

Beginning in 2018, we will be releasing an upgraded design-model that will better serve your home studio needs, and a NEW ordering/shipping system that will make ordering simpler and save you money on shipping.

How much does a Home Studio Surface cost?

Larger / Custom Size Home Studio Surface:  Contact us for a quote.

We offer only the highest-quality removable flooring solutions for home pole dance spaces.  Our Home Studio Surfaces are made by hand in the USA, using superior quality wood materials that are also sourced in the USA.  Our process adheres to the highest standards in woodworking and manufacturing, and utilizes proprietary technology allowing the panels to remain extremely lightweight and durable.