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In consideration of the purchase, delivery, and installation/assembly of the Home Studio Surface, I as the Buyer hereby release and hold harmless HomePoleStudios.com LLC and its agents from any liabilities and claims arising from Home Studio Surface delivery, assembly, installation, or usage. I agree that I will never prosecute or in any way aid in the prosecuting of any demand, claim or suit against HomePoleStudios.com LLC, and any officer, agency, or any employee acting officially or otherwise, for any loss, damage or injury to my person or property that may occur as a result of delivery, assembly, installation, or usage of Home Studio Surface.

I understand that Home Studio Surfaces are custom-made items, that the Seller does not keep inventory or re-sell custom items via its website, and therefore no returns or exchanges are possible after production is initiated on an item.  I understand that the Seller reserves the right to subtract applicable processing fees from any refund in the case of a return.

In the unlikely event of a defect at the point of manufacture or damage to items incurred during shipping, receiving, or delivery, exceptions may be made if approved by the Seller.  I understand that in those specific circumstances, I as the Buyer am responsible for gathering photographic, written, and anecdotal evidence of such defect or damage; and submitting this information in writing (email is acceptable) to Home Pole Studios within 48 hours of receipt of item.  I understand that upon consideration of the information, the Seller agrees to respond within 10 days, and may elect to offer any or none of the following remedies at its sole discretion:  replacement of item with or without covering shipping fees; return of item with full or partial refund; repair services; repair recommendations with or without financial assistance to complete said repairs.  I further understand that if sufficient information is not provided by me as the Buyer, or not submitted timely by me as the Buyer, the Seller may elect to offer none of the above stated remedies.

With regard to shipping and delivery, I understand that my item will not ship until payment in full is received for my item and its shipping services.  I understand that unless otherwise stated, the cost of shipping is not included in prices listed.  I understand that production time is estimated (but not guaranteed) to take 6-8 weeks, as all items are custom-made.